The Ultimate Wade Fishing Caddy Birth Story

The Ultimate Wade Fishing Caddy Birth Story

By The Late Curtis Schumacher 

My name is Curtis Schumacher. My wife, Cheryl was the inspiration for the Ultimate Wade Fishing Caddy.

We moved to Port O’Connor Texas a little over 14 years ago. We have been avid fishing enthusiasts since we met. I grew up in South Texas fishing the flats of the lower Laguna Madre, the Port Isabell area. Cheryl spent some time in South Texas as well, but her fishing experience was more of the offshore deepwater variety. When we moved to Port O’Connor, Wade fishing was quite new to her. It took the first year here to convince her really big fish didn’t get that way swimming around boats. It was the spring of 2009 when she finally got tired of watching me get out of the boat and wade fish. Coming back with more fish than she had gotten bites tended to really upset her. This was the beginning of my problem.

She decided to join me while I stalked the flats and shallow waters of Matagorda Bay. The only problem was I became her pack mule. She has a bad back and takes medication for it on occasion. This was the first problem. Next a cold drink to swallow was also required. Key word here is being cold. Wading away from the boat as much as half a mile made returning for these items rather unpractical. The amount of items we wanted to carry with us grew. Additional tackle. A snack. A six pack of ice cold drinks. A camera. A place to put your rod and reel without having to worry about it taking a swim. All of these things without having to wear any of it. The wheels started turning and we started perfecting the Ultimate Wade Fishing Caddy.

The Ultimate Wade Fishing Caddy was designed with the idea that an individual could wade fish with the comforts of everything on the boat, without the boat. A floating organized caddy began to develop. I built a rather crude model we used for the remainder of the year. We loved it. We then spent the winter months researching ways to make it not only available to the public, but also affordable for everyone who enjoys fishing.
The design of The Ultimate Wade Fishing Caddy incorporates a kind of vacuum for the underside to make it virtually impossible to tip over. This protects and keeps your valuables dry. Your expensive reels safe from damaging water. You can carry a camera to take photos, instead of having to tell fish stories, take pictures, while keeping your video equipment dry.

The Ultimate Wade Fishing Caddy is perfect for individuals who want to drive to the shoreline, lock their vehicle, take their keys with them and enjoy a day of wade fishing without the worry of vandalism to their vehicle, or having to hide and leave the keys behind. Everything needed to enjoy a day of fishing is tethered to the individual an arms reach away
The last and most important information about The Ultimate Wade Fishing Caddy is. All but one component is made in the USA. The Ultimate Wade Fishing Caddy is assembled by people employed in this country. We feel that is very important. We are proud that we have been able to do this and at the same time keep The Ultimate Wade Fishing Caddy priced under
$150.00. We hope to hear from you, and let’s go fishing!

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