5 Safety Tips For Wade Fishing Rivers And Streams

5 Safety Tips For Wade Fishing Rivers & Streams

The summer is here and it is the best time to wade. The water level in the rivers will be low but not too low because even when the streams are not in near flood stage the water is relatively high and fast. So, you have to take proper safety measures to wade safely. On most of the streams even when the water is not very deep the current is very strong. And we know that it can be difficult for waders to be safe in that water. In that case you should have knowledge about the basics of wading and tips that how could you be safe in water.


We will list some of the safety tips for waders to come out from the water safely and there is a floating device we will mention in this article that can be a perfect solution for waders.

1. Know your limits:

You have to know your wading limits before going in to the water. The flow of water can be very uncomfortable for waders in specific parts. Even when the water is not very deep the flow is quite strong while deep water has even moderate current. So, try to keep away from deep water. Don’t go in water that is deeper than your knees.

2. Keep your body sideway to the flow:

You should not be facing the upstream or downstream of the current. You could easily be pushed by the flow of it. Keep your body sideway to the flow while wade fishing. This will distribute the force of current and you will be more stable in water. In case you are facing the down or upstream the wading become more difficult for you and there are more chances that you will lose your balance.

3. Prepare for emergency:

You should always be prepared for the emergency and there should be enough backup available that can take you out of the water quickly. You should prepare yourself for the self-rescue. Try to protect your sensitive parts of the body from collision. The water in the streams and rivers is typically cold so you have to get out of the water as soon as possible.
You can take ultimate wade fishing caddy with yourself where you can keep your keys and mobile devices to contact someone in emergency. This is the best floating device that provide waders to enjoy the comforts of everything on the boat, without boat. It will keep your stuff dry and near you whenever you needed. It floats in about 1 inches of water and you can keep your medicines, emergency devices and valuables near you.

4. Use wading belts:

While wade fishing, wade belts can be a lifesaving equipment. Just wear the wading belt high up on your chest and adjust it according to your comfort. This will trap air inside of your waders and will provide you with more stability and balance. There will be less chances of losing your foot and to fall in the river.

5. Respect River:

Don’t take wading too lightly. You have to give respect to the river otherwise you will face difficult situations. Try to be in the shallow water. There are low places in the river so slowly shift your foot and don’t commit to move your feet forward unless you can solidly stand on the next step. You can use a rod to maintain your balance just press it slightly on the surface of water and it will give you more stability. Wading and fly fishing can be a fun outdoor activity but you should stay safe to make it a good day in water.